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Research projects

In progress 

  • Urgent Questions in the UK House of Commons

  • 'Together and Apart': Questioning innovations in the Canadian House of Commons

Recent publications

Serban, R. (2023). Conflictual behaviour in legislatures: Exploring and explaining adversarial remarks in oral questions to prime ministers. British Journal of Politics and International Relations, First View August 2023 (Available here)

Serban, R. (2023). The practice of accountability in questioning Prime Ministers: Comparative evidence from Canada, Australia, Ireland, and the UK. British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 25(1), 42–63. (Available here) (First View November 2021)

Russell, M., & Serban, R. (2022). Why it Is Indeed Time for the Westminster Model to Be Retired from Comparative Politics. Government and Opposition, 57(2), 370-384. (Available here) (First View November 2021)

Serban, R. (2022). How are prime ministers held to account? Exploring procedures and practices in 31 parliamentary democracies. The Journal of Legislative Studies, 28(2), 155-178.  (Available here) (First View December 2020)

Russell, M., & Serban, R. (2021). The Muddle of the 'Westminster Model': A Concept Stretched Beyond Repair. Government and Opposition, 56(4), 744-764. (Available here)  (First View July 2020) 

Serban, R. (2019). Last Word: How are Prime Ministers Held to Account? Political Insight, 10(1), 40. (Available here)

Bates, S., Kerr, P. and Serban R., (2018) ‘Questioning the Government’, in C. Leston-Bandeira and L. Thompson (eds.) Exploring Parliament, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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